SUPERSTAR Illustrator, Cristy C. Road
JANE Magazine, June-July 2006

Cristy C. Road, who illustrated all if these essays, grew up "from the woodwork of the working class, west Miami, Cuban culture, youthful perversion and early 90's punk rock." She started Greenzine nine years ago (She was 14), and its still in print in a much evolved, political form. Cristy has completed two graphic novels and zillions of illustrations for various magazines, bands, and political organizations- including Bitch, Bust, Green Day, the Queers, and Femina Potens. She is now releasing an illustrated novel, Indestructible, and working with filmmaker Esther Bell to create a series of illustrated novels based on Esther's upcoming film Flaming Heterosexual Female. Basically, she's a 23-year-old punky misfit artist who stands up for the underdog and makes amazing art in the process.

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