Please send any formal or informal thoughts, feelings, and
proposals to
Cristy C. Road, P.O. Box 20229 New York, NY 10009-9991.
Or you can e-mail

are always welcome and responded to Immediately. Work can be completed within short notice or extensive planning; so please dont hestitate to name your preference. Price rates are dependent on your budget, illustration content, and deadline. If you dont have funds but are interested in using my work somehow; please get in touch anyway. All requests can be sent to

My performance circuit ranges between college campuses, bookstores, record stores, community events, basements, and beyond. Presentation topics can range between book readings and slide presentations of my work, an artist portrait and slideshow, and presentations relevant to any aspect of my work. Workshops can focus on art practice and instruction (i.e. A 'Zine Publishing workshop which can indlclude an overview of my history in self-publishing since 1997, with details on the progress of DIYculture and self-publising; as well as hands on tutorials on creating and printing self-published work), conversations on the intersections between visual art and ethnicity, gender, sexuality, class, mental health, and/or healing (i.e. Healing through Art, a workshop on sing visual art and writing as a tool to cope and heal from trauma. Included would be details and facts on creating works surrounding healing and abuse; as well as Q&A and writing/drawing exercises if applicable); OR any assortment of discussions and presentations that my work can accomodate.

For more details, please contact me at with any questions or proposals! My rates are flexible, depending on the funding and location of your event, collective, university, or institution.