Cristy Road Carrera — or Cristy C. Road if its more familiar — is a first genertion Cuban-American artist and musician who uses illustration, writing, and punk rock music as her preferred mediums. Blending political principles with gender and cultural identity— Road testifies to the beauty of the imperfect. Her career began in 1996, when writing the Green’Zine; a self-published fanzine. Green’zine evolved from a punk rock fanzine with band interviews and record reviews to a personal manifesto about love, trauma, cultural and sub cultural identity.

She published 14 Green’zines and has since published 3 graphic novels which tackle gender, sexuality, cultural identity, and healing from the traumas depicted in the Green’zine: Indestructible (2005), Bad Habits (2008), and Spit and Passion (2013). Her most recent project is the Next World Tarot (2019) a tarot card deck envisioning a world based on radical redefinitions of love and social justice.

Aside from publishing her autobiographical stories; Road has additionally been creating illustrations for music, literature, media, and social movements for over twenty years. She has no consideration for branding or boundaries — as Road chooses to create what she dreams, despite marketability.

Road is a Gemini, and therefore, a songwriter and guitarist as well. She was the songwriter, singer, and guitarist for The Homewreckers from 2008-2016; and currently fronts the melodic punk rock project, Choked Up.

Having organized entire tours for The Homewreckers and Choked Up, Road has been performing readings, workshops, and lectures since first touring with her art in 2005. She's traveled nationally and internationally on her own, and namely with Sister Spit: The Next Generation (an all queer spoken word performance tour), and Race Riot! (A national tour hosted by The People of Color Zine Project). Cultivating a performance trajectory with a consistent show of defiance, she performs at college campuses, bookstores, your bathroom, record stores, basements, bars, auditoriums and beyond.  

She is currently reinventing her art practice while also sticking to the tried and true via dystopian romance, in Brooklyn, NY.