CHOKED UP [2016-Present] Choked Up are a pop-punk 4 piece with feelings and belts that hope to defy the genre itself, edging on musical theater and Selena. With deep hatred of the state, deep love for pizza, and lyrics in english and español, were a bunch of old souls scattered around Brooklyn, The Bronx, and Staten Island.

CRISTY ROAD CARRERA [Still Kind of A Secret] Ive finally begun archiving my solo recordings of Homewreckers songs, Choked Up songs, and songs that intend to be solo-- unfortunately, the older I get, the more high maintenance I am in regards to recording quality and I probably need to attend a sound engineering skillshare if i hope to do this any faster. Cest La Vie.

THE HOMEWRECKERS [2008-2016] The Homewreckers were a queercore / pop-punk 4 to 3 piece band based in Brooklyn, and full of chaotic decisions and overwhelming steps. Thank god these recordings survived the storm.











For my band from the 90's and my various acoustic folk punk bands that dated the Homewreckers... I suggest you keep digging, its out there somewhere, Im sure. 1-800-ASK-A-PUNK