If you dont have a credit card, please send a check/money order made out to
CRISTY C. ROAD, PO BOX 20229, New York, NY 10009-9991

SPIT AND PASSION (Feminist Press, 2012) At its core, Spit and Passion is about the transformative moment when music crashes into a stifling adolescent bedroom and saves you. Suddenly, you belong. At twelve years old, Cristy C. Road is struggling to balance tradition in a Cuban Catholic family with her newfound queer identity, and begins a chronic obsession with the punk band Green Day. In this stunning graphic biography, Road renders the clash between her rich inner world of fantasy and the numbing suburban conformity she is surrounded by. She finds solace in the closet—where she lets her deep excitement about punk rock foment, and finds in that angst and euphoria a path to self-acceptance. $17.00 USD + 3.00 S/H

A Love Story (Soft Skull Press, 2008) Moving to New York City for Carmencita Gutierrez Alonzo, otherwise known as Car, dictated the beginning of a self-imposed mental cleansing, denoting an era of destruction and change. THIS BOOK IS ABOUT OVERCOMING THE EFFECTS OF AN ABUSIVE AND MANIPULATIVE RELATIONSHIP, and Car's quest for rebirth. Consequently, rebirth was untamed and measured by shitty news, occasional breakdowns, destructive splurges, and life altering orgasms. Geographically escaping the past's trauma in order to get over the past, proves to be worthless without the additional, internal redemption, wild living situations, drunks, punks, awkward mornings, semi-revelatory acid trips, complex definitins of love, complex laws on sexual violence, and a decaying Brooklyn where every glass condo swells the cost of living. Finding solace in things like Coney Island and her circle of friends; Carmencita transforms her bad habits into some rendition of living, and somewhat, achieving. $15.00 USD+ $3.50 S/H



DISTANCE MAKES THE HEART GROW SICK (Micrcosm Publishing, 2007)
This is my postcard book featuring my favorite work from around 2001-2008. From the back of the book: This is a collection of 90 postcards, diecut for your consideration. Featured are drawings from her own published works, random pieces with no distinct home besides her brain, work she has created for a slew of people ranging from Bitch Magazine, to JANE, to INCITE, The Queers, Heartattack, MaximumRocknRoll, and a several more bands, books, and publications. With both finished and half-finished images; the 90 postcards are neatly arranged with a stint of writing and lovely-quality paper. $10.00 USD+ $3.00 S/H


INDESTRUCTIBLE (Mirocosm Publishing, 2006)

This is my illustrated novel about High School, with a focus on punk rock creating a form of escapism from hetero-normative, vastly conservative Cuban-American Miami in the early mid 90's. I wrote about my first three years of high school; the unfortunate disconnection from my culture, and the embrace of Punk Rock after several years of general loneliness; due to the sinking suspicion that I may be Queer. As a result, I made a few friends, but many more enemies. Indestructible is about learning how to trust, and learning how to lose the things most precious to you, for the sake of owning your wayward self. $6.00 USD + $2.00 S/H

GREENZINE 14 (2004) This is the last issue of my zine, Greenzine. I started writing this zine when I was about fourteen. It used to be about loving punk rock and beating up boys at school. Sometimes I would attempt to write poetry and fail. At this moment, it was about surviving my twenty first birthday, sustaining my mental health, confronting sexual assault and racism within communities that are ever changing, and moving around between Florida, Philadelphia, and NYC, in order to decipher the definition of home.
$2.50 USD+ $1.25 S/H


GREENZINE 13 (2003) This is the second to last issue of Greenzine. It includes art and writing by me, as well as women and queers in my communities throughout Florida, the northeast, and California. Its a complitation on healing from abuse, body image and self discovery, community accountability, and moving away. We chronicle the stages we went through between owning our experience, and moving on. $2.50 USD+ $1.25 S/H



FED UP FEST Queercore Festival and Art Exhibit
Friday, July 24-
Sunday, July 26
@Co-Prosperity Sphere, 3219-21 S. Morgan St. Chicago IL

FUF is a 3-day all ages, DIY Music and Workshop festival showcasing and celebrating queer and transgender voices in punk communities. Ill be showing work at the Art Exhibit! For more info please visit fedupfestchicago.tumblr.com/ and their event page on Facebook.

Monday, August 17
@ABC No Rio 156 Rivington St, New York, NY

Music by Aye Nako and Try The Pie, Zine reading by Cristy C. Road and more!

TO BRING CRISTY C. ROAD TO YOUR TOWN Please E-mail croadcore@gmail.com