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June 13 - Sept. 8, 2014
@Mexic-Arte Museum, 419 Congress Ave, Austin, TX

The Young Latino Artists (YLA) exhibition has historically provided Latino artists under the age of thirty-five with professional-level museum experience and exposure. Curated by Más Rudas Chicana art collective based in San Antonio, Texas, Y, Qué? includes Latina artists cultivating an artistic vocabularies to understand the world around them. Their artistic languages at times converge and diverge, as they all work towards resolving conflicts that derive from questions related to race, class, cultural identity, gender, and sexuality. Selected artists include: Natalia Anciso, Daphne Arthur, Nani Chacon, Audrya Flores, Suzy Gonzalez, Alexis Herrera, Las Hermanas Iglesias, Annette Martinez, Senalka McDonald, Awilda Rodriguez Lora, Cristy C. Road, Linda Lucía Santana, and Fabiola Torralba. For More Info please Visit:

September 7th, 2014
@Herbert Von King Park, Bedstuy, Brooklyn, NY

The Audre Lorde Project’s Safe OUTside the System’s (S.O.S) Collective will host the 4th Annual Bed-Stuy Pride to celebrate lesbian, gay, bisexual, two spirit, transgender and gender-non-conforming people of color living in the Bed-Stuy community.

October 8th, 2014
@University Of Illinois, More Details TBA

Ill be reading from Spit and Passion, as well as performing a workshop on healing through Art. More details TBA!